Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Virgin's First Time

Henry stepped out of his room holding tight to his books, with his school bag dangling behind him as he moved. He felt he had to be convincing for his mother not to see through his lies. It was not the first time that he would be going to Kate’s house to do his home-work, but this time he knew they would be doing more than just their home-work. He didn’t know how they would do it, it would be the first time for the two of them, but he knew it was going to happen. They had initiated something special the last time they were together in her room, and they can only move forward.

“I’m going over to Kate’s,” he said as he rushed out of the house, avoiding direct eye contact with his mother, feeling as though she would be able to see beyond his eyes into his soul and discover what he was going to do and stop him from seeing Kate ever again.
“Alright, baby.” His mom responded as she watched him disappear.

The last time he was in Kate’s room, they both laid down on the bed trying to figure out how to solve a mathematical question when she kissed him on the lips. It had been a surprise to both of them, and they spent the rest of the evening rolling over each other on the bed touching each other. They kissed each other extensively, allowing their passion to take control of their actions, and enjoying it as their saliva dribbled from one person’s mouth to the other. Before Henry left that day, Karen had reminded him to bring a condom along the next time he would come.

Kate was the only one in the living room when Henry got there, her parents had gone out and her brother was in his room. Kate took him to her room and they both sat on the bed. Henry was the first to kiss her, placing his hand on her right thigh. They kissed each other for what seemed like ages, but they did not know how to move forward.

“Would you like to see my breasts?” Kate asked, standing up.
Henry could barely open his mouth, he just nodded his head and waited for her to remove her cloths. When the final piece of clothing on her – her bra – finally fell to the ground, Henry could not believe what he was looking at. This was just like the sexual fantasy in his head.

“They’re beautiful,” he managed to say, as he lunged forward to touch them. He squeezed her nipples, smiling as she moaned. He pushed her to the bed and tried to tease her breasts with his tongue as he has seen in movies. He parted her legs and teased her pussy through her trousers. He got up, pulled down her trousers and her panties, and gently thrust his hard erection cock deep into her. She moaned, closing her eyes, as she felt a rush of pain flow through. His thrusts were gentle and steady, as the pains gradually turned into sexual pleasure. That was a wonderful sexual experience for them.